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Regularly structured ongoing meetings best support candidates in developing a strong professional identity and practice frameworks.

Candidates should engage with their mentor in one activity per month related to their learning agreement for the duration of the CMP.

Candidates must gain 2500 hours of social work practice experience to meet the experience requirement of the CMP. 500 hours can be tracked from a volunteer role, if that role falls within the social worker scope of practice. For information on the social worker scope of practice, see the Social Workers Act (5A).

Candidates are expected to meet with mentors for a minimum of one hour per month for candidates working part-time/variable hours and for a minimum of two hours per month for candidates working full-time hours. Full-time hours are calculated at 35 hours per week.

The CMP cannot be fast-tracked. The purpose of the CMP is to support new social workers as they develop their professional identity and practice framework. Regularly structured ongoing meetings best support candidates in achieving this purpose. Therefore, only one meeting per month, at a maximum of 2 hours per meeting, can be counted towards the required mentorship hours for the CMP.

Candidates must meet with their Mentors for a minimum of 32 hours during the CMP.

Candidates are required to report their hours worked monthly to the NSCSW.

Candidates and mentors are encouraged to be creative and to engage in a variety of activities to support the candidate in achieving the objective of the CMP. To help support candidates and mentors, in reaching the above objective, additional resources have been created. To access these resources, see the NSCSW Candidacy Resource page.

Professional development, such as attending training or a conference, cannot be counted towards mentorship hours. Discussions and/or activities related to professional development are eligible for mentorship hours. Professional development activities can be tracked under the 40 hours of required yearly professional development for social worker registration.

Regulatory Requirements

  • Candidates must normally begin the CMP within 6 months of becoming registered as a Social Worker Candidate.
  • Candidates must seek the approval of Executive Director/Registrar of their mentor selection.
  • Candidates and mentors collaboratively write the objectives in the learning agreement. Learning objectives must be signed off by your mentor and approved by the Executive Director/Registrar before proceeding with the candidacy process. Once your learning agreement is submitted, your mentor and the Executive Director/Registrar will provide comments, questions, and/or approval).
  • Candidates are responsible for tracking their practice hours on a monthly basis. Candidates can count all paid hours that fall within the social worker scope of practice. In addition, 500 hours can be tracked from a volunteer role; if the position falls within the social worker scope of practice.
  • Candidates must normally complete the 2500 hours within a 5-year period.


Candidates are rewarded by learning from the practice wisdom of experienced social workers, and benefit from scheduled opportunities to reflect on one’s practice in the midst of often hectic schedules/workplaces.