Mentor Training

72 students

This Candidacy mentorship training is provided through the NSCSW and is available for all members. Mentorship is eligible towards the 40 hours of required yearly professional development for social worker registration.

A completion certificate will be provided to all RSWs who complete this mentorship training. Prospective mentors must meet all eligibility requirements set by the College.

There are 4 modules in this training:

  1. Orientation to Candidacy/ Mentorship

  2. Preparing, Assessing, and Evaluating Learning Agreements

  3. Supporting Candidates and Advancing Learning

  4. Feedback and Evaluation

Each module includes:

Learning Objectives

Overview of Contents

Introduction to the Topic

Topic Specific Content

Reflection Activities

This lightbulb icon indicates a reflection activity.

Activities will include readings, questions, scenarios, and infographics.

Resources (e.g. books, articles, or websites to refer to for more information)

Some of the recommended readings are accessed in the Social Work Reference Centre via the member portal for the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW). Members of our College can visit the CASW website to claim their free national membership. We strongly recommend that you do this before starting the mentorship training, as it may take several days for CASW to verify your membership. CASW offers many learning resources that are free for NSCSW members.